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  • For I AM WITH YOU: A timely, fast-passed medical thriller, "For I Am With You" will keep you awake at night turning pages, then wondering if the novel's premise could ever become more than fiction. The novel takes the reader beyond the fears of a potential worldwide epidemic when the Ebola virus mutates into something not only virulent, but also sentient--a virus with designs to take over the human race by invading its power structures. Ms. Haar offers a read that is well-researched and peppered with courageous characters and complex human relationships. This novel is for those who enjoy medical suspense such as that of Robin Cook
  • FOR I AM WITH YOU: I wasn't sure what to expect from this novel, but boy did it deliver! With all the medical drama playing out in real life today, this wildly exciting virus thriller kept me completely entertained. The story delivered knowledge on the subject of virology - which I found very interesting. Is it possible that a virus can think and communicate, and it's mission is to destroy US - yikkes is that a scary thought! The quick paced evolution of the virus spreading in the world wide setting, appealed to my desire to travel when I read and escape my daily routine. The intimacy between Jenna and her husband was comforting, and gave you that break you needed - between all the drama of the calculating escalation of the secret plot to destroy the virus, and the race to get the vaccine to the world leaders. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was fun, it was informative, it was entertaining, and it leaves you thinking "what if". I look forward to Ms Haar's next book!
  • FOR I AM WITH YOU: Just popping in here to say this is a great yarn. The pace is relentless and the writing is engaging. I am not far into the reading yet, but this is one good story. I have recently started writing medical thrillers and Judy's story really appeals to me. Congrats, Judy.
  • Death Tones: I loved this book. Great perspective on a subject most of us find uncomfortable. Good insite. Highly recommend.
  • DEATH TONES: I loved the twists and turns of the stories. Fun to read, a real page turner. Looking forward to reading the next book!


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