August, 2012

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Writing, Selling, or Blogging, You Need a Webpage

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You need a webpage. New news? Shouldn’t be. Everyone that communicates needs a landing page for that communication. Facebook offers this through their social media site, as does Google +, Blogger and several others but it is easy to create your own website including a blog on WordPress. So easy that I have included a free ebook to help you create one. After downloading this ebook by going to the link at the side of this page and entering your email address, you can creat your first or second or whatever website. is a wonderful tool for just about anyone to create their own special blog with their own special taste and it is free.

Five Ways to Publish an Ebook For Free

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Have you written a book and want to publish it for  free? Read it on an e-reader or sell it from your website. Choose the available  options and stay updated.

The ebook industry is changing fast. If you are publishing an ebook, it is  important that you stay on top of the recent options available to you. Check  back with the industry frequently because change is the new word for digital  publishing.The ultimate goal is to create a feel that will be sought by the reader. An  ebook can be presented across many different platforms to create this. Look at  some free options for your ebook for selling to an e-reader or from your  website. READ MORE


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Who are you? I really want to know. I think that is a line in a song by Who, but I’m not sure. What I do know is, your brand is very important. Ultimately, your brand will be what people remember and it represents you. A brand contains three things: logo,tagline, and name. For more complete information on this go to  Branding, an article I have written on my business website or click over to business on this site where you will find many articles about all phases of business. A name should say what you do, a tagline defines your vision and a logo, sharp and succinct. Color plays into this as well. Red is for passion while blue is calm. Brown wraps you in a warm blanket while yellow brings in a new, happy day. Think of some brands that show this. McDonald’s has the yellow arches, while UPS is brown. What colors work best for you? Why did you choose them?

Business How-To

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In todays economy, starting or sustaining a new business is hard. It’s not the same thing as usual. You just can’t afford to make mistakes and trial/error work patterns. Try planning it out, writing a vision down and fine tuning the path to achieve this. It’s called a business plan. Yes, every business, whether new or old, needs one today, for success. Go to the Business Venture Center site for advice on that and many more things.


From The Author

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I am happy to start this authors page. If you have things you want to talk about or read about put a comment and I will respond. In the beginning I will be adding tips and suggestions on writing styles whether in business or genre or science writing for an ezine. This is a fun sight so start having some fun. Look at the dog, he is having fun, isn’t he. So must you