September, 2012

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Easy to follow steps to write your ebook

Courtesy of Maggie Smith

Get a package of index cards and say hello to your new book. Each card will become the title to a new chapter in your ebook. So let’s get started. Index card one……..the name of your book. Index card two……..the name of your first chapter. If it is about marketing then the first chapter may be the difference between advertising, marketing and sales, for example. Index card three………the name of your second chapter. If it is about dog grooming than the second chapter might be tools you will need.  And so forth, you get the idea of how to immediately outline your ebook.  If a how-to book, decide how long you want your book to be, in number of words. And then divide your chapters up into how many words per chapter. They don’t all need to be the same. Some chapters may be long while others may be shorter. Some require more depth than others. Write that on your index cards for each chapter. Now starts the research for each chapter subject. Google the title of the chapter and see what other people have said about your topic. Add that knowledge to your own knowledge about the subject. When you feel you have acquired all that you need then start typing the content. No copy, just your own thoughts and words written in your own special way. Easy, easy way to write an ebook which goes very fast indeed. Enjoy.

Social Media and Marketing

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Well, we have talked about blogging, definitely a part of a smart advertising campaign for your business, book or whatever you are trying to accomplish. Naturally the large social media sites are the ones to start with such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. But, there are so many other ways and services that could help you out, ones specific to your topic. If you are a crafter, then Pinterest is definitely the one for you. Perhaps you are into photos, then Flickr no further. Maybe you want to write a memoir, then perhaps LiveJournal is the way. Get specific and visit the sites that call your name (your purpose) and join groups while there, communicate and become part of the community. Do you write, try Goodreads or Webook. So many sites, so little time, get started now! What are your favorite sites? I’d like to know.