March, 2013

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Drive Traffic to my Website

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Today I have continued on the journey of driving people to my website to introduce my new ebook ’55+ How-to Make Money and Enjoy Retirement’.  I started searching for Long-tail keywords and loading them on the section of my wordpress generated site on each page to support SEO. Long-tail keywords are sentences that describe your page, book, article, better. I went to the google keyword tool and amazingly found a few. For my book (referred above) I searched for ‘How to make money in retirement’ The competition was low yet 1900 searches occurred monthly. Same with ‘How to enjoy retirement’. It was easy to add these in as well as other keywords I would use. I also googled ‘submit your link for free‘ and came up with some sites that looked good.. Two such sites are Manta and pingmyurl. Will track and see how it goes. I was advised to add an app to my site called which I did so and will learn more about this. In addition, I googled and found sites to comment on that were of interest to me. I have gotten some good advice from the comments I made on their sites. You must comment on sites of interest to get responses on yours.. Interesting, but it is all in the tracking. I’ll report back on all of this as we go. Hopefully, after reading many books on the marketing and following the advice, I will test out where to spend my time effectively. I do believe, though, writing a brief article and posting on my page, free,  for some more advice on retirement and enjoyment of it as well, would be a good thing to do to spur interest. Soon I will be off to Facebook (I have a business page there but need to develop it). Linkedin is next then the stars. What do I know, have any advice to give?

Marketing your ebook


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I thought I knew about marketing, been doing it for years, but selling an ebook is a whole other thing. BD3NMZF6W8N4 It hIt has been a learning experience going through the steps. I could use some advice on the BEST Marketing tips for selling ebooks and the best blogs to be part of (besides my own). So here is where I started. I joined 6 different blogs related to my interests. I started commenting on them frequently, at least 4 or 5 times a week. This helps me keep up-to-date on information related to what I am doing but it also helps with site traffic. I also applied to be on blog directories. Don’t know yet if this is helping, it may take a little time on these. I setup a Face Book business page and recently updated LinkedIn for my business. Next I think I will update my twitter account and start tweeting. I have also set up a Hootsuite account to help me manage my social media accounts. I am thinking of paid advertising but must read more on which might be the best for ebooks. What would you do?

Created a new book in KDP

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Wow, finished my ebook and it is processing on Amazon’s KDP, Select. Should be up in a day or so. It’s on retirement and seniors. I wrote the book in word, saved it in HTML, downloaded into SIGIL which converted it to EPUB. Then I looked at it in Calibre software. Corrected a bunch of mistakes, reloaded into SIGIL and dropped the epub version into Amazon KDP. This has been a fun experience. I will now concentrate on marketing. I’ll let you know when it is up and ready to read. Stay tuned.

Looking for a job? Be innovative

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One way is to go to a job fair. Following is a YouTube video on how to make the most from this avenue for job hunting. Another would be searching Craigs list. I never thought of that until I started searching in my specific area and found some interesting stuff. But be innovative on your search, look at all the things you do, like and have experience in. For example, if you like Cobalt boats, a Cobalt boat vendor might be an opportunity for you. Another might be, if you teach piano, a piano tuning service or selling/demonstrating pianos might be options. Do you ski? Equipment repair, sells, demonstation, and ski shops plus many other options exist for potential job placement. Be innovative in your approaches.

Self Publishing

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Hi Again: I am back. Went to a course on self-publishing and marketing. It was very interesting, the instructor was excellent. I learned a lot. It appears the way to sell the self published book is to create a flyer, the most important thing. Then use this flyer for email, postcards, hand outs to everyone, and pre-release sales (sell your book before it is done at a discount). The next step is to do book signings, many, many of them.  I just can’t see myself traveling the country in a trailer or RV, not my stick, but some do. While you’re traveling the country, why not do courses/seminars. The real money is here, you get to sell your book. Why not make it a requirement of the class. Media is next: radio, news releases and social media. Play it for what it is worth. The more  books you have, the more courses, and opportunities to sell your book. Definitely, the self published author can make a lucrative full time job happen and see the country while their at it.

Writing Fiction

I’ve included a simple video on writing a book. This is relatively old but presents a modern approach to starting your book. If you send out a query to a classic agent or produce an ebook, the next choice, you must have a sound book to start. Take a look.