April, 2013

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Marketing continued

Courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Well, here are some notices. I noticed that when ever I pingmyurl, my numbers go up. There are several free sites to do this so I will ping every week. I may have mentioned this before but I put Comluv up on my website. It brought in a tremendous amount of comments, but with it came a whole lot of spam so I deactivated it. I don’t have time to go through the spam to see what is good. I do have a spam filter but this did not touch the amount. I joined Stumbledupon and Shelfari. I need to finish my profile on both to get the full impact. In less than a month I have driven over 500 additional hits to my website due to all that I am doing. I am a member of  about 25 blogs that are related to my writing and publishing. I stop by and comment at least once a week. I am gaining twitter followers and Facebook likes. A continuing process that keeps growing. I submitted a free ad on www.grudd.com but so far has had little effect. Today I worked on my website as well. Will tell you what I did and why in another blog. What have you found to be effective in your marketing on the internet. So far, I have found: commenting on blogs, pingmyurl, submit your URL for free sites (gets you on directories), and content loaded on this site and in my group of personal blogs. Social media frequent updates helps as well. It all helps but so far the golden goose has not laid the golden egg. Will keep on trucking for sure.

Let’s Take a Moment to Ponder

I came across this amazing video. It’s not about my books, marketing or business, it is about life, cancer specifically. I know we have all been touched by this horrible disease. So I propose a moment to ponder, to watch the video and feel blessed if we remain untouched and support to those that have it.

Marketing for eBook Sells Continues

I have doubled my hits on my website through the actions I have taken and I am just getting started. But a small number of hits doesn’t take many to double so I am not really excited yet. But let’s talk about new things I have done and some of the old I really like.

Courtesy of renjith krishnan and freedigitalphotos.net

Courtesy of renjith krishnan and freedigitalphotos.net

I like linked in groups. I joined one to increase my Facebook likes and it definitely is working. Some of the visits have resulted in more traffic to my website. Groups, specifically, through LinkedIn, have been a good thing. Frequent and useful blogs help as well. I like the ping your URL for free. Not sure how many people this has brought in but I am sure it has helped. After looking at many author pages on Facebook, I can tell you, the USP or unique selling proposition is key first and foremost. It is the ‘why you’ or why should someone buy your book, product or service. Saying it is a great thriller or wonderful alien planet will not do it (most of what I found was fiction.) Why is your book different, why should I read about this alien planet, what is new and exciting. I tend to write non-fiction how-to books. The ‘why you’ is easier to define but fiction needs one as well. The statement should be short. Look at :

GE-Imagination at work

M&M’s-The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

Jack In The Box-More than 60 years of awesome and well, we’re just getting started.

It is your concentrated elevator speech for buying your book/service/product. Post it on everything, Put it under your name on your emails, and make people want to read your book and buy it.

Onward today for implementing more new things. Did you notice, I added two new free guides to download. More to come. But the real question is what do you find as most effective? I have gotten some wonderful comments concerning this. Will you share some articles, please? And add new comments.

Marketing Continued

Success Courtesy of jxcreationzs and freedigitalphotos.net

Success Courtesy of jxcreationzs and freedigitalphotos.net

Well, I have come a ways since my last blog about marketing. In a few days since I started my eBook marketing, I have increased visits to my website by 35%. This might be impressive but we are still in the small numbers but at least I am going in the right direction. What have I done to cause this dramatic increase? Here is the listing:

-I updated my business page on Facebook

-I revisited twitter and started announcing things that I have published on my website. I also started following other authors which many are following me now.

-I updated my profile on LinkedIn and joined several groups there. Commented on many blogs.

-I applied to have my blog put on Technorati and Manta

-I searched dofollow.info blogs for ones that I joined and put comments on

-I added Comluv.com as a plugin on my site(the jury is still out on this one)

-I googled, pingmyurl and put my website on many of the associated directories.

-I blog regularly on Facebook, and my own blog.

-I wrote and give away free, two guides, loaded on my website.

That is where I am now but must start adding more marketing items to this list. Right now I see the most impact from LinkedIn and blogging on other peoples blogs. Also the pinging has helped. I pulled down one of my eBooks for a new revision. It should be back up within a short time. I am teaching next week and will send people to my website as well. Wow, this is a lot of work but I am enjoying it and I do love to write. Stay tuned all yea faithful among you. What do you suggest as your best marketing secret?

Looking at retirement?


Is this you? Are you a baby boomer entering retirement? If your answer is yes, or almost there, you need to plan for retirement so this doesn’t happen to you. Decide what will keep you busy, active and inshape.  Will volunteering make you happy or do you need a money stream . Start planning for this. So you want to travel? Volunteer for national parks or write a travel column for a vacation magazine. So many options. Take a look at my ebook to get you started. Check back for some free information on retirement planning within the next week. This is important so do something! Are you planning? What are you thinking about?