May, 2013

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The color wheel and mixing colors

This is a very informative video on the color wheel and mixing colors. Couple this video with the understanding of what color means and you have the answers for your brand, advertising, and correct color choices to enhance sales.


Brand- What Color is Right for You

Color Circle

Color Circle

I have been studying the effects of color psychology and it is one interesting subject. Recently there seems to be a lot of experimentation to justify the assumed affects and some interesting results have arisen. Although color reactions can be related to culture and learned reactions, it also can be automatic, colors mean different things to different parts of our brain. I’ve read about some pretty interesting stuff. Maybe you knew what the Savanna Preference in relationship to green was, I didn’t. Did you know why Michelangelo painted some Mother Mary’s robe blue? How about those political ads, black and white, did the message polarize you? And why should you use bright colors for the young and black and white for the older crowd? So many questions with so little time. And how important is this to your brand? Very important so I’ve decided to create an eBook on color and your brand. It is more about understanding reactions and less about lists. We’ll look at some pretty famous logos, as well. So stay tuned. Would welcome all your insight and comments on how important color is to you.