March, 2014

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Three Steps to Start a Business

This is a great video to watch and really, for all the graphics it has, is correct. You must have a plan, logo, and brand (look at all the colors). You must market and promote your product/service. Be flashy, take a chance and  follow this advice.

Trends for Internet Marketing for 2014

Take a look at the trends for internet marketing for 2014  All of these have come true and need your immediate attention! Content must be short, sweet and valuable. We all know that social media is expanding at break-neck speed. The key to small business is to pick the social media sites that are relative to your client base otherwise you could get swamped easily. What are your best social media sites and blogs?

Hang on to your followers



How to hang on to your followers and fans is important. Here are some great ideas.

Marketing is both conscious and unconscious

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Truer words were never spoken. Marketing and thus, your brand can be educated but also a gut reaction. To create great content and an even better brand, you must understand the principles of this. I have a great article for you to read.