September, 2014

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Advertising on Facebook

NameI did a trial run on facebook for 4 days and had a 54 person increase on people who clicked on my page with two buyers of my ebook. It cost me $25. It is worth the money, probably not. I certainly didn’t get enough ebooks bought to cover the cost of the ad but then my reason for advertising was not to sell the eBook, it was to collect emails to advertise my next book coming out and I did get twenty more emails. So the question still remains, was it worth it. The jury is still out, what do you think? The next thing I am going to do is have a free give away, three days on Kindle, advertising on free sites. We will see how that goes, Please share and tell me what you think.


Marketing for my eBook. Continuing Saga

Since the last time we spoke, I’ve been continuing to market. After the Facebook advertising and the press releases, I decided that I was going to make my book free from Sept 27 to Oct 1 on Amazon. I have gone to 33 eBook sites and loaded my free book during these times, up on them anticipating a good turnout. I did pay for services on one of them, Digital Book Today. During that time I will  look on the sites to see if my book is on each and determine which one works and which one doesn’t. I also now pingmyurl with every new thing I do. I am going to add some new stories shortly. Tell me what more makes since as I move through this. Thanx ahead of time

Internet Marketing – 5 Key Points

If you are wondering which direction to go, read this great article that lists must do’s that should be obvious but are missed by so many. Take a look.

Scheduled my Free eBook Give Away

Through the facebook ad and my press releases I have tripled my followers, although this is still a small number. It hasn’t helped with the sell of my book so much, though.  I have scheduled my free give away through KDP Select on Sept. 27 through Oct. 1. I have started signing up on free ebook marketing sites for that time. Still moving forward with other things that may help. More on this later. Just one more tree added to make a forest What has been good for you?

Marketing my eBook

I am on the continuing path to market my eBook and will pass this on to you the reader to help. As I mentioned, I sent out several press releases, mostly free with a little bump in activity to my site. I also put my URL upon free submissions sites, two. You Google for free submission search engine sites and they post your url to many search engines and directories. Did this last night. I have just put an ad up on Facebook, advertising my site for four days. Will see how that goes and let you know.

Press Release

On my continued saga of marketing my Fiction eBook I sent out one paid press release and two free press releases. The two free are and free-press-release. The paid one is PRWeb. I will track through Analytics and see how they do. I also put one up on facebook and twitter. What have you done and what is affective for you?