October, 2014

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“For I Am With You” – Hiding, Waiting in an Ebola Outbreak

Ebola_virus_public domainA long time coming but finally ready.

“After three months of dealing with the most dangerous disease in the world, Ebola, she had no time for something odd, something new. No, Jenna didn’t want to hear about it. Too many nights of dreams plagued with demons and too many days of death by drowning in liquefied organs. Green was not a color she ever wanted to see again, horrific liquid green flowing out of the body onto the floor followed by the last gasp of breath. At least the pain of the Ebola victim was gone. It was the eyes Jenna forced herself to look into. They told the story of the virus, the eyes of the human screaming ‘HELP ME’.”

Out in two weeks, be the first to get your eBook on Amazon.

click title to add comments – Update on the Free Give Away

Tablet Computer with Yellow PagesIf you want to add comments just click on the title of the blog. The latest and greatest, the free give away for five days on Kindle Select does work. If you want it to be real big, you must advertise everyday to drive traffic to it. I put the eBook free on Sept. 27 and by my last day Oct 1 I had over 400 takers. You might not consider this a big achievement but I found it wonderful for a first learning time on how to do this. I also listed it on 40 free eBook sites as well. Interesting journey. Please let me know what works for you?