November, 2014

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Release date

For I Am With YouI’m excited. My release date is just 2 days away on Amazon both as an eBook and Create Space Book.

Hiding in an Ebola outbreak, a new virus threatens the world. Dr. Jenna Miller, from the CDC, and her team of experts, are the only option to save the human population on earth from extinction. Both pandemic and sentient, this virus just might win. Follow the virus hunters through the fight to the end. Who wins the battle?


Amazon versus Google

I have always thought that Amazon was a huge search engine. Well, this article discusses this.  After all, in a little over a week I will be loading my eBook and Create Space onto Amazon ‘For I Am With You’. Look for the announcement on Twitter, Facebook and  here.

“It hit her hard when she had little energy or hope left to fight. After three months of dealing with the most dangerous disease in the world, Ebola, she had no time for something odd, something new. No, Jenna didn’t want to hear about it. Too many nights of dreams plagued with demons and too many days of death by drowning in liquefied organs. Green was a color she never wanted to see again, horrific liquid green flowing out of the body onto the floor followed by the last gasp of breath. At least the pain was gone. It was the eyes Jenna forced herself to look into. They told the story of the Ebola virus, the eyes of the human screaming ‘HELP ME’ when there was no help to come. ”


For I Am With You