About the Author


Judy Haar


Judy Haar has been writing for over twenty years. Mentoring small business owners for the past nine years, she is an expert in helping business to succeed. She writes for local news papers, SBA and many magazines on the smart way to market for small business. She is a freelance writer and writes for magazines on topics including fiction and science but most on business. She focuses on critical business practices for small business such as, branding, marketing, social media and many other related topics. She is a mentor for SCORE and has counseled hundreds of small businesses. Her expertise is both inbound and outbound marketing.  

A speaker, writer and nuclear chemist, Judy Haar uses her knowlegde to weave an accurate medical thriller.  With her new release, ‘For I Am With You’, she weaves a credible story of a virus a billion years old, a team of weary virus hunters, an unthinkable enemy, the end of mankind.  A medical thriller on Amazon. Dr. Jenna Miller, CDC, stumbles upon a virus concealed in an Ebola outbreak, something experimenting with the human race, with a distinct plan.

My blog will be full of experiences and how-to’s, please join in. Join one of my classes or buy my books. There will be more books coming shortly.