An eBook on Color and Brand

blue, yellow, redThe eBook should be out soon and it is exciting. Also a free article on brand, discussing its creation, and delving into many existing company brand colors will soon become available. Color affects everyone. We all don’t see it the same but it still affects us emotionally, culturally, physically and learned. There are some generic and specific ways to use color. The effects can drive business to your doorstep or away. It is really your choice but the more you know about color the better you get at choosing the right combination for your product and service. With all this subjects complexities, this is one exciting eBook on a new evolving subject. The subject of how color influences our choices and reactions, the psychology of color. Did you know that 80% of visual information is related to color. Studies have shown that a product’s color influences 60 to 80 percent of a customer’s purchasing decision, meaning color can make or break a product. Blue is the most popular color and red can physically raise blood pressure. So much interesting information is on its way to help you choose. What colors do you like and how do you see them? What emotions do some colors infuse in you?

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  1. Hey! Stopping by from LinkedIN BHB group! I just completed a color psychology infographic. Nice to see others interested in colors. Great share!

  2. Glynis Jolly says:

    According to my horoscope, I’m supposed to like the color, blue. Although I think all shades of blue are nice, none of them are the color I’d pick for myself. The color is kind of depressing to me.

    • Author says:

      Well then, you have a lot more choices. Expand your color choices and pick the one that feels good to you. By the way, how can turquoise depress you, just kidding.

  3. No one color ever catches my attention for long but I have love affairs with all of them depending on my mood. I suppose that makes sense since our mood changes and colors have different impacts.

    I’m in the health care sector and the color blue in logos is a such a reoccurring theme that it’s almost cliche. I’d love to know what’s going on psychologically with that choice.

    • Author says:

      Blue may activate parts of your brain to produce a calming effect, openness, peacefulness and serenity. It lowers blood pressure and can in still honesty and trust. Health care is a great place to use blue. But you are right, it is almost cliché. It is considered the most popular color, ever. Colors strongly relate to emotion so mood is important in what you like and don’t. Great comment, thank you.

  4. Ann says:

    Color is so important to me. For the longest time, I had everything white-white-white. But now I have lots of blues, browns and greens surrounding me–art on the walls, rugs, even the walls themselves. I know that most of the shades I have chosen are from nature, which I really appreciate since I work all week long in a windowless environment.

  5. Years ago I partnered with a color psychologist. It was fascinating and I still use much of what I learned today. Her focus was more on how it affects you emotionally. Some of the things you are mentioning here.

    A very odd thing happened in one of her presentations: she absolutely froze and asked me to take over. No problem Later I asked her, what went wrong? She told me that there was a woman in the front row wearing yellow and black. Well to my then partner, it reminded her of her fear of bees!

    Very interesting field.

    LinkedIN BHB group

    • Author says:

      Color affects can be emotional, automatic, cultural and learned. Your partner definitely had a learned response to yellow and black. It is an interesting field

  6. Arleen says:

    Color plays an important role. In sales if you want someone to buy something quickly wear Hot Pink. It is a annoying color and makes people want to get the sale over with in a hurry. So when I was in sales I would wear colors that I knew would have an effect on my buyers. When designing my website I chose the colors carefully. The background of my banner is blue as blue is a trust color. My logo is red is an energy color so it is only in the G of my logo.

    • Author says:

      Blue is the most popular color today and definitely is trust and stability. It also calms and lowers the blood pressure. Red is energy and power. It moves someone to get something done and now. Sounds like a great brand.

  7. Colour is no laughing matter. ‘Scuse me, I’m Canadian and we spell it with a “u.” : )) It can affect your mood, make you hungry, or even make you want to buy something. Apparently yellow can make you nauseous! Red can make you hungry, and pink is supposed to make you calm. I love any colour that has warm tones, and am especially fond of dark purple – like eggplant. Conversely, I love faded greens, as well. It’s such a personal choice!

  8. Jer says:

    Color does indeed impact us in so many ways. I just recently moved back into a house I hadn’t lived in for two years. The choice to repaint everything definitely has an impact on the light and mood of each room, so your book sounds interesting in taking on how color impacts branding.

    • Author says:

      thank you. Color affects everything we do and everything we see. It is definitely emotional and can affect our lives in so many ways.

  9. Susan Cooper says:

    Color is a vital part of branding. When a person visits a website the first thing the eye catches is color. I believe in making sure your colors are cohesive through out your website. As Patricia mentioned there are colors that can affect emotions. 🙂

  10. My law firm website had garish primary colors for awhile. When I saw it, I would always think of a clown or an ad for used cars. I’m a lot happier with what we have now. My blog site uses a bluish purple as the primary color. One problem I have is that the background shows up as completely different colors on different computers. On my lap top, it looks flesh colored (yick!), but other people tell me that it’s yellow on their computers. Wassup with that?

    • Author says:

      The color on computers is RGB based. Unfortunately computer screens don’t always reflect the color you picked so when you brand, make sure you look on all things and how the color presents itself before you pick.

  11. There are a lot of colors that appeal to me.. Fushia is one of my favorites when it comes to clothes and accessories. I makes me feel feminine and bold. I’ve heard it’s the color of the heart which makes a lot of sense to me. When it comes to my home I love earth tones and greens… I find those colors soothing and they help create a relaxing and inviting environment. A touch of something bright, yellow or oranges, adds a lot of life and positive energy… I look forward to your book. I would LOVE to learn more about color it’s such a fun world!

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