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Beginners Guide to Facebook Advertising

Below is a great tutorial on how to use advertising on facebook to drive business to you. It is a place to start so after you have written your book, advertise it to your client base and see what works for you.

Call to Action

twp-pieces-of-a-puzzle-pictureKey in your advertising, it is important that you understand a great call to action. This article will help you do just that.

Read and enjoy

I am learning how to do doodles

This is the second video I have produced and it has been really fun.  Take a look

What’s next on my journey to sell my books

Tablet Computer with Yellow Pages


I have finished all the three websites. The next step is to build facebook pages for all the sites to drive traffic from there. Of course, I need to write a newsletter to give away. So much to do and so little time. By the end of the weekend I should have all these tasks completed. I will update the blog on Sunday to let you know.

Websites close to completion for marketing my book

man raising success hands small

I am almost complete with this website. I need to add the connections to my other websites for how-to articles. Today I can launch this one. The other two are coming along. I have a ways for but EmergencePublishingGroup is pretty well complete. By the end of this week I will start my marketing for my book. Wish me luck. Well, it is not totally luck but a lot of hard work. I have a few hurdles to go over, like reviews but oh well, it wouldn’t be fun without hurdles. What do you do for reviews?

What comes first? When you have an eBook when do you start to market it?

slider3Ready, set, go! Not quite. I believe the backbone of the operation needs set up before you actually start to market a book. This can be confusing. Say you have loaded your book on a book vendor such as Amazon or Smashwords or others. You know there is only so much time to get started selling before the date of publication is old and you don’t want to be out of date before you start, particularly if it is a how to on a fast moving topic like social media. Well, maybe you shouldn’t put your book on Amazon or make it availalbe until you are ready to go. Yes, this is the lesson I have learned. Don’t rush the book just the background stuff. What is that background stuff? It is your website, to start with. So let’s spend the time to get it looking great. I am in that process right now. I have three websites to work on. I’ve decided to use the same template, but not the same content or pictures. One is for my publishing company, one is for small business and this one, writing. They do overlap, so having the same template is great because I know how to work with it but each site looks different. Before I release them to google for a search, I need to connect them all. One, the publishing company, is a selling site, more of a landing/squeeze page. This one is to get you interested in becoming part of my club, still in progress. The business site will support my non fiction books. After the design process is completed, I need to connect up each site to an email service so when you sign up, your email goes to my listing on what you are looking for. That way, I can keep you engaged. So, what are your first steps in the process?

Marketing my non-fiction eBook- Tips, Process, Success


What Direction Should We Take

This blog will be about the journey I will be taking to market my new series “Color Me Successful’. There will be marketing tips, and success for you and I to learn from. I would appreciate any and all comments to help others learn as well. What has your journey been like? I am now in the process of updating all my websites. Remember, websites are the corner stone to collecting emails, and selling product. Every small business should have one, why, a place to send people to explore who you are. I am trying to make these exciting yet simple to navigate. I have three directly related to my book sales, Emergence Publishing Group, Business Venture Center and this one, Judy Haar. I write in two genre’s, non-fiction and medical thrillers. I’ve been reading that I should use two author names, I have stuck with one. What opinion do you have? Each website has my ebooks and books on them. They are all published on Amazon right now. I am thinking of expanding my reach, there are others such as Smashwords and Lulu. But I have used these before and find that Smashwords did not give me the coverage that I wanted although they do publish on Apple. I think I may try again. Amazon is definitely the largest platform but you must understand how to work in Amazon because there are thousands of people. I will be going through the process to maximize. Once I get a good group of emails, I may choose to sell on my website through a PDF, another option. Chime in.

New eBook on Color for Small Business

Colour Me 1-200x300I am  excited about publishing a new eBook on how to use color for small business. I mentor a lot of small businesses and  see frequent color mistakes. Remember that color is the first thing that people see, in three seconds, and is a lasting impression. It is so important to get this right. Color is about emotion and emotion drives business.

There are specific colors for each type of business as well. If you choose a color that is outside of the typical one used for that category, your small business may loose some of its clients. Colors are emotions, behavioral, intelligent, learned and cultural. This series will help you, the small business owner, pick the right ones.

The first eBook is on color theory. A guide on how to start to pick the right combinations and why some colors go better together than others. The second eBook is the meat of the subject. Many colors are defined and emotions attributed to them. Also we look at different businesses that might use combinations learned in eBook 1 and how to apply them to your business in eBook 2. Come and join our train to driving business to your door.

A great infographic on picture sizes for social media


2016 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet



How Top Executives use Social Media – Learn From Them


leader in a group largeA great article to help you understand how top executives use social media