Published eBooks

Death TonesDeath Tones: Short Stories About Transformation

Death is scary, unknown, releasing and fulfilling, just to name a few meanings. We cannot escape its touch. All must face death in its various forms. Find a dead body, refuse to die, or follow the wolf to beyond, all circle the one unknown answer to our future, death. Come with me on my strange journey and open your mind; you are just about to enter the beyond.






For I Am With YouFor I Am With You

A virus over a billion years old. A team of weary virus hunters. An unthinkable enemy. The end of mankind.

When Jenna, a Ph.D. in virology working for the Centers for Disease Control, stumbles upon a new virus concealed within an outbreak of Ebola, she discovers something far more terrifying: unimaginable, living, and experimenting with the human race, a sentient virus with a distinct plan. It surfaces, directing its team of children to control the very essence of mankind, the soul. The reason; to live beyond  us.




Colour Me 1-200x300Color Me Successful Series

How Color Sells Your Brand: Book 1 – Color Theory

Color is the first thing your client sees when they look at your business brand, product or service. Yes, color is seen and remembered in the first three seconds of engagement. It can drive business to you and push it away. Remember, color is about emotion and emotion drives business. Every Small Business needs to understand how to effectively use it. This series will teach the owner the essentials to be successful. Starting with Book 1 –  Color Theory, learn the basics of how to effectively use color. Continue on the journey to Book 2 -Color Emotions.




Color Me 2- 200x300Color Me Successful Series

How Color Sells Your Brand: Book 2 – Color Emotions

Want to spend time learning about each color on the color wheel and what emotions your clients will feel when they look at it. As a Small Business Owner, you need to understand that reactions to color are: learned, behavioral, perception, physical and cultural but so important in your look and feel of your business.  This book will take the owner on a journey of which colors to use to drive business to them! Learn why red is so physical and blue intelligent. Find out why yellow is seen first above all colors and purple is royal. Now that the Business Owner knows what colors their industry uses and which drive business venture into Book 3 and 4 to learn how to apply these principles. Book 3 and 4 will soon be out.