Roses are Red – The Color Red

red white blueRed has a unique place in the halls of color. It has been around since primal times and signifies the most basic of emotions: fear, anger, war, dominance, danger, avoidance and aggression. Red can also be a warm color that enhances mating and courtship. Red means energy and passion, lust, and love. You just can’t escape the color red. Your biological reaction speeds up your heart rate and raises your blood pressure. What a power house of a color but it does have a naughty side.

2 Comments to Roses are Red – The Color Red

  1. Krystle Cook says:

    I love the color red as a decorating accent not so much in my clothes though. I like blue there more since it’s my favorite color.

    • Author says:

      Blue is calming, and intelligent. It is also the most favorite color of the day, picked by most of the population. I like your purple on your website. Purple has the passion of red and the stability of blue, the two colors that made it. It is a regal color shouting out, look and you will find the deeper meanings.

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