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New eBook on Color for Small Business

Colour Me 1-200x300I am  excited about publishing a new eBook on how to use color for small business. I mentor a lot of small businesses and  see frequent color mistakes. Remember that color is the first thing that people see, in three seconds, and is a lasting impression. It is so important to get this right. Color is about emotion and emotion drives business.

There are specific colors for each type of business as well. If you choose a color that is outside of the typical one used for that category, your small business may loose some of its clients. Colors are emotions, behavioral, intelligent, learned and cultural. This series will help you, the small business owner, pick the right ones.

The first eBook is on color theory. A guide on how to start to pick the right combinations and why some colors go better together than others. The second eBook is the meat of the subject. Many colors are defined and emotions attributed to them. Also we look at different businesses that might use combinations learned in eBook 1 and how to apply them to your business in eBook 2. Come and join our train to driving business to your door.

Marketing is both conscious and unconscious

boxes pointing to box in the middle small


Truer words were never spoken. Marketing and thus, your brand can be educated but also a gut reaction. To create great content and an even better brand, you must understand the principles of this. I have a great article for you to read.

Wavelengths of color

Light abstract.No two people see color exactly the same, our eyes are all different but that doesn’t drive our reactions to it. After all, color is energy and exists in varying wavelengths. Each color has a different frequency vibration or wavelength. How color is defined lies outside our brain and body but the meaning and reaction we all have to different colors lies within our brain and is related to the various wavelengths of light. Let me ask you a question, what reaction does your brand color cause in you?


purple blue aquaSoon to post the eBook ‘How-To Color Your Brand’. What do you think of purple? It is the most popular color for children. In the past, Caesar wore purple robes so he was referred to as ‘The Purple.’ Truly an elegant color, it also relates to magical and spirituality.  An article on creating your brand will be up on my website, Tuesday. Come get your copy.

Roses are Red – The Color Red

red white blueRed has a unique place in the halls of color. It has been around since primal times and signifies the most basic of emotions: fear, anger, war, dominance, danger, avoidance and aggression. Red can also be a warm color that enhances mating and courtship. Red means energy and passion, lust, and love. You just can’t escape the color red. Your biological reaction speeds up your heart rate and raises your blood pressure. What a power house of a color but it does have a naughty side.

An eBook on Color and Brand

blue, yellow, redThe eBook should be out soon and it is exciting. Also a free article on brand, discussing its creation, and delving into many existing company brand colors will soon become available. Color affects everyone. We all don’t see it the same but it still affects us emotionally, culturally, physically and learned. There are some generic and specific ways to use color. The effects can drive business to your doorstep or away. It is really your choice but the more you know about color the better you get at choosing the right combination for your product and service. With all this subjects complexities, this is one exciting eBook on a new evolving subject. The subject of how color influences our choices and reactions, the psychology of color. Did you know that 80% of visual information is related to color. Studies have shown that a product’s color influences 60 to 80 percent of a customer’s purchasing decision, meaning color can make or break a product. Blue is the most popular color and red can physically raise blood pressure. So much interesting information is on its way to help you choose. What colors do you like and how do you see them? What emotions do some colors infuse in you?

The color wheel and mixing colors

This is a very informative video on the color wheel and mixing colors. Couple this video with the understanding of what color means and you have the answers for your brand, advertising, and correct color choices to enhance sales.



Brand from istock

Who are you? I really want to know. I think that is a line in a song by Who, but I’m not sure. What I do know is, your brand is very important. Ultimately, your brand will be what people remember and it represents you. A brand contains three things: logo,tagline, and name. For more complete information on this go to  Branding, an article I have written on my business website or click over to business on this site where you will find many articles about all phases of business. A name should say what you do, a tagline defines your vision and a logo, sharp and succinct. Color plays into this as well. Red is for passion while blue is calm. Brown wraps you in a warm blanket while yellow brings in a new, happy day. Think of some brands that show this. McDonald’s has the yellow arches, while UPS is brown. What colors work best for you? Why did you choose them?