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Wavelengths of color

Light abstract.No two people see color exactly the same, our eyes are all different but that doesn’t drive our reactions to it. After all, color is energy and exists in varying wavelengths. Each color has a different frequency vibration or wavelength. How color is defined lies outside our brain and body but the meaning and reaction we all have to different colors lies within our brain and is related to the various wavelengths of light. Let me ask you a question, what reaction does your brand color cause in you?

Business How-To

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In todays economy, starting or sustaining a new business is hard. It’s not the same thing as usual. You just can’t afford to make mistakes and trial/error work patterns. Try planning it out, writing a vision down and fine tuning the path to achieve this. It’s called a business plan. Yes, every business, whether new or old, needs one today, for success. Go to the Business Venture Center site for advice on that and many more things.